What Can You Get For A Buck?

Rob-Portrait351How about hours of pleasurable workshop entertainment, or perhaps a useful homefront improvement? A piece of woodworking history? That perfect shop-made gift?

What would you say to all of the above?

One of our big efforts at Woodworker’s Journal over the last year has been to take many of the woodworking projects from our out-of-print back issues and create electronic downloadable plans from them. Why did we do it? So often, we get a request phrased something like: “Back in 1979, I built an elephant horn from a plan in your magazine and now I have lost the issue, but I need another elephant horn … can I get a copy from you?”

Sadly, we often have to say, “no … the elephant horn plan no longer exists.” (Just to be clear, a plan for an elephant horn, to the best of my knowledge, never existed. That was just an example …) But now, we have more than 60 “new” plans from our back issues, and they are available for just $1.00 each! (Yup, that is a bargain!) And we will be adding more plans all the time.

So, if some of your back issues have mysteriously gone off to the secret magazine burial ground, perhaps one or more of your favorite projects is now available online. And even if you were not a subscriber back in the day, you might be interested in one or more of the revived projects from our archive. Check them out here, and let me know what you think.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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