Carter Products MagFence: An Easy Add-on

Carter Products MagFence™: An Easy Add-on

Sometimes, you just want a little something extra, some “oomph” — whether it’s a new paint job for your house, or a new rip fence for your saw.

Carter Products’ latest addition to their line addresses the latter issue  (although it has no impact whatsoever on getting your house painted). Not surprisingly, given Carter Products’ focus on band saw items, the new MagFence™ functions as an addition to a band saw — but it will also work to add a rip fence to a table saw, or any saw with a table made from ferrous metal. You can even move it from place to place, since it’s held in place with magnets (hence the “Mag” part of the name) and levers that engage and disengage them.

The 16-inch or the 19.5-inch version can go from acting as a rip fence on the band saw, to acting as a rip fence on the table saw, to — if you put it down horizontally — acting as an extension to a saw’s work surface. You can add accessories in the T-slots, too. Now, that’s some easy remodeling.

For the 16-inch version of the MagFence, you’ll pay $79.95; for the 19.5-inch version, you’ll pay $89.95. You can find more information about both of them at

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