Carter Products: Tips for A Tip-Top Band Saw

Carter Products: Tips for A Tip-Top Band Saw

After the holiday season is over, many woodworkers are likely to want to get back into the shop and start getting things in tip-top shape for the new year. (I resolve to have a tuned-up shop in 2006!) A DVD from Carter Products, who make several band saw-related items, has some tips for tuning up that tool.


The “Bandsaw Tuning” DVD is a step-by-step tutorial hosted by professional woodworkers Alex and Howard Snodgrass. It walks you through the proper methods for tuning an existing 14″ or larger two-wheel band saw or testing out and trouble shooting a newly acquired one. (Like, maybe, one that Santa brought you?) Chapters include “common problems,” “bandsaw tune-up” and “cutting,” with topics addressed such as blades, guides, tension accessories and tires. With the information on this DVD, Carter wants you to start your new year off right, with a band saw that lets you get the most out of it and your time in the shop.

The “Bandsaw Tuning” DVD sells for $14.95 at or 888-622-7837.

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