Celebrating an Anniversary; Looking to the Future

Celebrating an Anniversary; Looking to the Future

Anniversary Wishes

The last issue of the eZine was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of this very eZine. A couple of you sent some nice notes regarding this milestone. – Editor

“Congratulations on the decade of the electronic magazine, and I want to thank you for the enjoyment and education you provide for so many woodworkers worldwide. I am already looking forward to the April 1st issue. I will never forget the first one I read and some of the thoughts I had running through my old gray head before I realized what you guys were doing. Thanks again.” – Charles Buster

“I’m very thankful that you’ve been doing the eZine all these years. The print magazine is fantastic as usual. Have a great holiday!” – Ed Amsbury

Future Woodworkers

In the anniversary issue, we reprinted a question from the Q&A section of the very first issue of the eZine, asking where future woodworkers would come from. This reader has one answer. – Editor

“I would like to comment on the subject of where the next generation of woodworkers is found. Some time ago, I sent a comment from my five-year-old grandson when he asked my daughter if he could bring a broken toy to me for repair. Since I had just had eye surgery, my daughter said that I might not be able to fix the toy. His reply was: ‘Poppy can fix anything. You know he has a factory in his basement.’ He is now seven years old and we visited with the family recently and, as he was looking through a catalogue, he came over to me and asked if I would make one of the items in the catalogue. I looked and saw that he had his finger on a child’s woodworker workbench. I told him that I would get right on it. That is where the next generation of woodworker is coming from.” – Dr. Bob Miller

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