Centipede Foldable Work Support Systems

Centipede™ Foldable Work Support Systems

Rigid wooden sawhorses could be a thing of the past for you when working with sheet goods, drywall, large panels or doors if you had a Centipede(TM) K100 Sawhorse or K200 Support XL work support system. They’re made of multiple steel struts connected by polymer P-Top end caps that set up quickly to a 30-3/4-in. working height without assembly and fold down into a compact, lightweight unit for transport and storage. The Centipede Sawhorse ($89.99) has six struts that open to provide a 2- x 4-ft. support area, and it has a load capacity of 1,500 lbs. It folds down to 6-in. x 9-in. to fit in a zippered canvas storage bag. The larger Centipede Support XL ($159.99) spreads open to 4 x 8 ft., with 15 struts that will support 3,000 lbs. It folds down to 9-in. x 14-in. to fit its storage bag. Four X-Cups, which are provided with these support systems, straddle a 2 x 4 to create a sawhorse. Two or four quick clamps are also included. They fit into the P-Tops and function like traditional holdfasts to help secure a worktop or your workpiece for cutting.


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