Changes, Dowels, Dovetails, Angles, Foam, Cocobolo and Kudos

Changes, Dowels, Dovetails, Angles, Foam, Cocobolo and Kudos

How Do We Look?

We asked you to comment on the new look of the eZine. Some like it. — Editor

“I like the new layout. Have you ever considered branching out into television?” — Jim Rimmer

“Great new format. Keep up the good work.” — Paul Wylie

Not everyone was pleased, though. Some felt that though the look was good, speed was sacrificed — Editor

“Your new look is fine, but it is too fancy for those who use dial-up. It took close to five minutes just to download the feedback page. Otherwise it looks great.” — Larry Brauneller

“Just to enter my two cents’ worth, don’t assume the reader’s computer has the same screen width that you produce. Make your web page fit his computer. I don’t know how it is done, but different sites have the ability to fill my browser window.” — Jim Cole

“I like the look, but it seems to run slower than the old version. Still enjoy the contents, though.” — Greg Pillen

“I do not like your new format. It takes too long for everything to load on my computer. I do like the layout.” — Joe Bradshaw

This, of course, led to the inevitable question. — Editor

“I really like the new look, but I’m finding I have to wait quite a bit longer than usual for the various pages to come up. Will this get better?” — Phil Gilstrap

The short answer is yes, we’re working with our server provider to that end. Meanwhile, here’s one last comment from someone who was clearly less than impressed with the change.  — Editor

“What was it now that you were supposed to have improved?” — Edwin Van Over

Missing Links

“What is the length of the dowels for the bagel slicer featured in your free patterns in your March 10th issue?” — Rosalie Fredericks

They are four inches long. — Editor

Dovetail Dilemma

“I have a slight problem with dovetails. I have tried with different jigs, and I can’t seem to get a good, clean joint. Can you help me?” — Russ Johnston

Possibly. The key to the right dovetail jig, like the key to any tool, is finding the one that fits your needs and work style. What’s ideal for one person may not be for the next. Allow us to suggest that you read the Industry Interview in this issue. It will introduce to a dovetail jig you might not be familiar with, and it just might be the one that works best for you. — Editor

What’s Your Angle?

We ran a formula for calculating the miter angles for a polygon of any number of sides. This writer suggested that giving the saw setup would have been more helpful. — Editor

“A more useful number is the miter angle setting needed to cut those sides. That number is simply 180 divided by the number of sides. For example, a four-sided figure uses a miter angle of 45°, a six-sided figure uses 30°, an eight-sided figure uses 22.5°, a 12-sided figure uses 15° and so on.” — Tom Veatch

Foam Home

“You showcased Varathane Foam Stain in issue 207, and I can’t find it anywhere. Is there some delay on its release?” — Chet and Carolyn Bertelsen

No, it was released, and is available in a few stores, but is not yet widely distributed. We were able to find it online through when we tried, but be certain you spell Varathane right or the search engine gets confused. Here’s what Fiona Seal, the Assistant Brand Manager for Varathane, had to say on where to find it. — Editor

“Foam Stain is available in all Menards stores and shortly will be available in select Home Depot and Lowe’s® Stores. However, in Lowe’s stores it will be sold under the Zinsser Bulls Eye brand. I believe that True Value is also carrying Foam Stain, but I do not know in which specific stores it is available. Hopefully, we will gain additional distribution soon.” — Fiona Seal

Cover to Cover?

“Just wanted to say I really enjoy your website. I am a novice when it comes to woodwork but love it, and your eZine has taught me a lot. I read it from cover to cover. Keep up the good work and keep the tips rolling. I need them.” — Roy Leggett

Yes, we realize there are no covers on an eZine, but we love the fact that he used such an expressive image, and we’re certainly flattered by his comment. — Editor

“I just wanted to say thanks to you and all of your eZine staff. What a great bunch of people who put together a great online magazine. Living in a remote area, the Internet has provided me with a wealth of information on woodworking that I would otherwise not be afforded. You and your staff put together consistently a very personal Today’s Woodworker section as well as the technical issues that I’m faced with regularly. The Tool Reviews, Industry Interviews and the Q&A section all help keep me informed of what’s going on in the world of woodworking. I hope you guys and gals keep up the great work for a very long time to come.” — Hayden Kimbley

Thanks, Hayden. We’re blushing, but we will certainly continue to do our best.  — Editor


We answered a question about what sort of sandpaper works best on cocobolo, which inspired this reader to add his comments. — Editor

“Wear a dusk mask. I got the worst sinus and upper respiratory infection years ago turning and sanding cocobolo.” —  Rob O’Neill

We agree, of course, that you should wear a dust mask no matter what wood you are sanding, but do be aware that some folks have allergic reactions to one wood or another, and to be on the lookout for that. — Editor

Typo Corner

Typos, the bane of us all, can also be somewhat amusing. — Editor

“To avoid brush marks, I have tried putting the finish on litter but…”

Next time, try putting it on wood. — Editor

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