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Sometimes a person gets so close to something that it kind of becomes invisible. For that reason, I want to briefly call attention to what Woodworker’s Journal has to offer. You all know about the eZine. It is free, it goes out every week (for the most part), and it has new content in all sorts of formats. We also have our regular website (of which the eZine is a part), and there we have Premium content that only subscribers to the print magazine can access. It includes all the back issues of the Journal since 1977, right up to the current issue. There are also projects and videos that are exclusive to the Premium section, cool in-depth topics like hand planes, chisels and dovetails. Also, we’ve converted two of our popular DVDs to web video, and they are available in the Premium section, too.

So what I am saying is this: If you have held off on getting a print subscription because you thought it was a limited sort of opportunity, we’ve got a lot more for you than just the magazine. (Although that is a great deal as well.)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S. If you’d to check out our print subscription offer, click here.

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