Child’s Chair & Table

Child’s Chair & Table

I have just finished a chair and table for my grand daughter, Alice, and mailed it away to Chicago. It was designed with a one+ year old in mind, with an eye to the future. It was a fun band saw, router, lathe project with a laminate top, yet took more time than I care to admit.

Since I live in San Diego, it had to be built and finished and shipped flat to be put together by the proud yet tool-challenged parents with only a screw driver and glue.

As Alice grows, I will turn some longer legs, add the 1-1/2″ stud to each and mail off. A couple of chairs for a 4 year old will be in order as well. The legs were one of my first turning projects, yet square legs with bull-nosed edges would work as well.

– Mike Collins

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