Santa’s Been Busy!

Santa’s Been Busy!

Last week Rob wondered what you woodworking Santas have been up to in your workshops this holiday season. By the looks of it, you and the elves have been busy! – Editor

“Here are some photos of my ceramic bowl and oak snack tray. I made four of them. Each family member’s version has a unique handle to match their decor. Here’s a link to my video for both projects. I had a lot of fun combining both hobbies and anticipating the enjoyment of giving trays to my family for Christmas.” – Earl Griffis

“This wilderness-themed crib was a personal passion project. Both parents love the outdoors, so the backing piece showcases a mountain range made with maple, walnut and reclaimed barn wood. Silver accents fill small pinholes throughout, sparkling in the light. Being in California, as well as a UCLA alum, a bear silhouette is the centerpiece of the crib, made using maple and walnut. All effects were made practically with wood – no stain or paint used. The crib as shown measures 66” long, 46” deep and 66” tall when fully assembled, with storage space underneath for toys and blankets. The crib comes apart for both ease of assembly and storage, as well as allowing the front piece to be removed to convert into a toddler’s bed.” – Alex

“I fashioned this Bluetooth speaker kit from Rockler into the shape of a drive-in theater speaker. It’s all basswood. There is some metallic speaker grill cloth on the inside, a knob-less volume switch, some wires hanging out the back and a metal plate to hang it. It’s finished with acrylic paints and flat lacquer spray.” – William Aulick

“My optical illusion end-grain cutting board is made of cherry, maple and walnut. It measures 1-1/4″ x 15″ x 15″.” – Herb Brodie

“Here are four doll cradles I made for Christmas gifts…my dogs definitely approved of this project!” – Scott Beyer

“I made several hot plate/coasters using tiles from various sources.” – Richard B.

“My daughter is an avid knitter. I have made several knitting accessories over the years. This year she wanted to go old-style. She wanted a nostepenne, which is a peg to wind a ball of yarn on so the yarn can be pulled out of the center after it is removed. She especially wanted spalted maple. I also made one out of redbud.” – Robert Beran

“Here’s a gun stand/vise I made. The drawer pulls are 9mm shell casings.” Stephen Athans

“My adult son asked me to make some game boards for Christmas gifts for his friends. These are similar to a cribbage board but for a card game called Pitch. We decided on a box with a hinged lid in which the cards and pegs could be stored. I had the tops laser-etched with an image of the ace of spades. The holes were drilled using Rockler’s cribbage board template. However, the pegs I bought are slightly larger than standard cribbage pegs, so I had to use the “Games” section of the template, which has a slightly bigger hole spacing.” – Don Lamothe

“Here’s a cheese set and presentation box I made with turned handles and Rockler hardware.” – Jim Imgromm

“Here are just a few of the things I have made for Christmas gifts. It included all sorts of activities, from CNC to woodturning to standard woodworking.” – Dave Sanek

“Here’s a coat rack I made from spalted sycamore. I was inspired by the false front architecture of the old west. I used hand forged nails for the hooks. It measures roughly 4” x 19” x 19”.” – Peter Hill

“These are some inside-out turned ornaments I made for our Christmas tree.” – Bruce Brown

“This holiday season, I made a production run of salt shakers, pepper mills and wireless speakers with Rockler hardware.” – Tracy Novak

“Here’s a rocking horse I made for a gift this Christmas.” – Michael Jungblut

“The clock is set in a birch donut with a CA finish. The base is oak. It is for a grandson. The musical jewelry box is made from stained maple and plays the Blue Danube. It is for my granddaughter.” – James Brink

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