A Christmastime Quiet; Bit Causing Burning?

A Christmastime Quiet; Bit Causing Burning?

In our last eZine, Rob channeled his inner curmudgeon into his editorial, and told everyone to “go away, he was busy” – making Christmas presents. Judging from the amount of feedback we received for that issue, it seems he was likely not the only one with that attitude – although we did hear from one lonely voice on the other side of that issue. – Editor

“My business has come to a complete standstill. In my case, I believe that everyone is concentrating on Christmas presents rather the furniture. I just felt like putting this out there is all.” – Irv Reedy

And one more note: in reference to the reader who wondered in last issue’s Q&A section why his mortising cuts were leaving burn marks, another reader suggested maybe he was using the wrong bit. – Editor

“On the burning of the mortise bit: It could be that the bit is NOT designed to make plunge cuts?” – Rich Flynn

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