Clamp-It goes Adjustable Multi-angle Assembly Tool Hits the Market.

Clamp-It goes Adjustable Multi-angle Assembly Tool Hits the Market.

A few years ago, the product development guys at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware had one of those “Ah-ha!” moments. The outcome of their brainstorm was the Clamp-It” Assembly Square. A simple idea that elegantly addressed several real woodworking problems. With a Clamp-It you can align your cabinet sides and backs, shelves and cabinet walls & any subassembly that needs to be square & and securely clamp it (get the name?) together for the assembly process. It was like having a third hand & or fourth hand or fifth – well, you get the message. Needless to say it was a stunning success.


But here is a woodworking problem that it did not address: what if the surfaces you are joining are not 90° to one another? What if they were say, 45° or 60°? Apparently that was a question that Steve Krohmer and his crew were unwilling to leave un-answered. They developed the Adjustable Clamp-It” Assembly Tool. And it’s, well & adjustable.

Looking remarkably like its less talented brother, the Adjustable Clamp-It will rotate through angles from 45° to 315°. It pivots on a central hub and locks in place by ultra accurate interlocking vanes. And once it’s locked, it is rock solid.

The entire Clamp It line now includes the original assembly square, the Mini Clamp-It version and the brand new adjustable version. There are also specialized Clamp-It Bar Clamps designed to snap into grooves machined in the assembly squares, creating a complete and seamless product.


The new Adjustable Clamp-It (and all Clamp-It products) are available exclusively from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. (In their retail stores, via their catalog and online at

The new Adjustable Clamp-Its are priced at $19.99 each, with a volume discount available. (Hey, you are going to need more than one!) Find out more at

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