Classic Bookcase Project, Plus Tool Tips

There are certain projects which fall into the realm of woodworking classics — as in, you can never have too many of them. A bookcase is one of those projects. You can find the latest Woodworker’s Journal effort along these lines highlighted in this newly released step-by-step project video, walking you through the construction of a Classic Bookcase, made from commonly sized home-center lumber and plywood.

But wait – there’s more! As senior editor Chris Marshall built this bookcase, he had some time to ponder. (When woodworking, sanding is always a good time for pondering.) And what to his pondering mind did appear … but, of course: tips about woodworking, using tools, and expanded ideas about additional things he could do with the tools he used for this project.

For instance, did you know you could rip solid lumber with a TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw? Why, yes, you can – and Chris will tell you all about it in an additional video. Stay tuned for more!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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