Collaboration on Projects; Kudos to Shop Teacher; Cascamite Glue Working Time

Collaboration on Projects; Kudos to Shop Teacher; Cascamite Glue Working Time

After a rather philosophical discussion about collaborating on projects, we asked our eZine readers if any of you collaborate on your woodworking projects. Here’s what we heard. – Editor

“Yes, I do. I usually don’t have plans to start, my projects evolve. I will talk to friends and family about the project and often get ‘Well, what about doing this? and then modify my ideas to encompass that idea — or it will spur another complete bent off to a completely revised idea.” – Riley G.

“This is a curly maple blanket chest I built. I inserted a leather panel in the lid that was made by a local saddle maker (Leah Kemner of Horseshoe Saddlery in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) that does exquisite work. I very much enjoyed the collaborative effort.” – Derek Wolcott

Kudos to Teacher Joel Noble

We also heard from a reader who appreciated our Today’s Woodworker feature on high school shop teacher Joel Noble and his summer student work crew. – Editor

“The article on Joel Noble, East High School shop teacher, Denver, Colorado was inspiring. Where might some of these kids be if not for the direction given them by this gentleman? He instills in them virtues that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Integrity, responsibility, what it means to earn your pay, self-esteem, and I could go on and on. This world, especially the Denver area, is a better place because of this man. What an inspiration to the world.” – Randy Martinez

Dominoes, Dowels and Expansion

This reader had a comment on last issue’s Q&A “Are Dominoes Overkill for Cabinet Door T&G Joints.” – Editor

“Just a note about using the Domino system to reinforce the corners of a door. Please note that I am not a Domino fan.Like dowels, Dominos have an expanding feature. After 5 minutes it is almost impossible to remove either. This expansion adds a mechanical grip feature that mortise and tenons alone do not.” – Flynn

Working Time of Cascamite Glue

And this comment, from Tony in the U.K. who uses Cascamite glue, continues a discussion in last issue’s Feedback section — and its comments — regarding this glue variety and its working time. – Editor

“My reply to Ronald Latour is: Cascamite gives plenty of time for glue-up in difficult construction. This glue has not much initial tack but, after clamping, the glue goes off overnight. If the weather is hot, mix up the glue with a little more water. For initial mixing, get a small glue pot with Cascamite in and add the water by dripping it in, not pouring the water in. It will be successful with any wood project, even thick box joints. I don’t always coat both faces of the joint. The glue is set when it goes like glass. I leave a glue bead on for this purpose, sometimes particularly in the winter.” – Tony Barker

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