Combination Trash & Recycle Bin

Combination Trash & Recycle Bin

We have a cedar cabin not far from Lake Tahoe and I was looking for a project that would be useful. We had a plastic trash holder and a small box for recycled items. I decided to combine the two into a container that would fit in better with the look of the cabin and take up less room.

I love the look of pine waynes coating with an oak so I decided to go for a natural wood look with contrast The size would be dictated by the size of the standard kitchen trash bag.

The project allowed me to use a new router to make an inset for the waynes coating into the inside of the oak frame.

There is a separator in the middle and each bag in held in place with an oak frame that inserts into the each side of the top. We’ve been using it for several months now and I can’t say there is anything that I would have done differently.

Now I’m looking for other projects around the cabin so I can make some other matching peices. A matching kindling box might look real nice.

– Ken Freeze
Martinez, CA

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