Concave Joints

Concave Joints

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Concave Joints

Having a jointer like the one described in our recent article, Pat Buresh is convinced the problem is due to the lightweight nature of the tool. The weight of heavy wood causes the table to bend and, therefore, it should only be used for very small boards.

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SmartWood: Promoting Sustainable Forestry Around The World

After reading about SmartWood certification, Bob Wiggins thinks it’s a wonderful idea. Though retired from commercial woodworking and 74 years old, Bob is active as a hobbyist woodworker.

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Raising Grain with Water

Even though the discussion focused on the use of water, Mike Kelly thought the original question’s reference to using mineral spirits to raise grain was erroneous. In his experience, mineral spirits are used to clean up dust, expose potential staining problems (e.g., glue squeeze-out) and avoid raising the grain & leaving the surface smooth.

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