Conference Table

Conference Table

Here is a conference table I built for a client. The wood is cocobolo.

The size is 50″ diameter, 30″ high and the top is 2″ thick.

The top is a lamination of 3/4″ baltic birch and the cocobolo. The rim is 8/4 solid stock and the pie shaped pieces are about 3/8″ thick glued onto the plywood. The leg columns and capitals are turned and there is an all thread through the column that anchors the legs (through the intermediate stretcher platform) to the columns and allows the top to register onto the protruding 1/2″ threaded rods at the top of the columns. The cone of the leg was turned on a temporary center block and then separated and glued to the extending leg and foot. That assembly was then hand shaped and finished. There is a nut in the center part of the leg that is epoxied and holds one end of the metal all-thread rod.

The initial in the center is designed to be a balanced reflection, left and right, top and bottom.

There were about 200 hours of labor involved.

I am a professional woodworker, but furniture is only a part of what I do.

I currently am off into casting concrete countertops and sinks as well as furniture tops.

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

-Frank Clements

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