Congratulations, Adulations — and Chainsaw Advice

Congratulations, Adulations — and Chainsaw Advice

Congratulations and Adulations

Several eZine readers wrote to congratulate us after Rob’s editorial last time out mentioned the Woodworker’s Journal eZine’s recent receipt of the Gold Award for Best e-Newsletter from the Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association. To which we say, aw shucks. And thanks. – Editor

“Howdeee, congrats on the Gold Award.” – Del Rogge

“Attaboys! Congratulations! for an outstanding job. A lot of hard work, and a good feeling at the end.” –  Art McEvoy

“[In] your editorial that was in the eZine that arrived today, you lauded the behind-the-scenes staff who produce the publication. Since they are responsible for the production of your award-winning e-publication, I think it would be nice to see an article with photos of each, recognizing their role and contributions to the success of the publication. I think it would enhance a feeling of ‘family’ for the publication.” – Fred Schoentag

Check out the “eZine staff” link in the top navigation bar of the eZine to see pictures of our staff’s smiling faces. – Editor

“Those of us who read the eZine regularly appreciate what you guys do. You guys give a large number of us woodworkers something to look forward to on our computers. Keep up the good work and, again, congrats to all who help.” – Charles Buster

“Well done, you deserve it. It is the best, beyond the manufacturers’ and other websites! I look forward to reading it all the time. Keep it up.” – Tom Keller, Jr.

“I am from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have subscribed to the Woodworker’s Journal eZine for some time now, and I agree with the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association. Congratulations to you and your team. Whilst we may not have the range of tools that you guys in the USA have, the articles are of interest. We have different wood here. The information that I have learnt is priceless. Thank you all and keep up the great work.” – Dave Whittington

“Thanks to all for the articles and videos that you and your crew put together. I find them very informative. Also, your down-home personality and humor makes me feel like you are part of our family that I know you well. Thanks again. You and your crew have a blessed Thanksgiving.” – Carl McCrimmon

Additional Tips for Chainsaw Basics

We also received further advice for the eZine reader featured in last issue’s Q&A section who identified himself as a beginner at using his chainsaw and asked for advice. – Editor

“The reader didn’t say whether they were using a guide to cut board or trying to do it freehand. They may want to look at something like an Alaskan sawmill jig to guide the chainsaw.” – Steve Hammer

“When I started making lumber with a chainsaw, I found Chainsaw Lumbermaking By Will Malloff [Taunton Press; ISBN 0918804124) to be a comprehensive source for every aspect of sawing lumber with a chainsaw.” – William Rottenberger

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