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Countertop Height

In last issue’s eZine, one of the queries in the Questions & Answers section addressed what the proper thickness of a butcher block countertop should be. This reader responded with some insight on the proper height of a kitchen countertop. – Editor

“It has been suggested that the ergonomically correct height of your kitchen worktops is estimated as follows: Two people hold the sink unit steady. Homeowner stands between them and places hands flat onto the bottom of the sink without bending their back or elbows. Top of sink equals top of work surfaces. I could suggest the lady of the house sets the measurement, but in my case I would get a thump for suggesting that she wash up. This doesn’t work for those using an English Butler’s sink. The actual height difference between two people measured this way is surprisingly little and can usually be averaged and accommodated by the adjustable feet supplied with ready-made carcasses.” – George Brown

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