Craftsman® 18 oz. Flex Claw Hammer

Craftsman® 18 oz. Flex Claw Hammer

Do-it-yourself projects often involve as much demolition as construction, and at times it seems like we’re pulling as many old nails out as we’re driving new ones in. That, along with prying boards or other materials free.

Craftsman intends to make both demolition and construction easier with this innovative new Flex Claw Hammer. Rather than having the usual fixed claw on the head, this tool offers an articulating claw with four different locking positions. That way, you can choose the claw angle that provides the best access and mechanical advantage for the job at hand. In effect, it turns the hammer into a pry bar and puts a new twist on a must-have hand tool.

The handle and claw are forged of carbon steel for maximum strength and durability, then finished with a clear coat to help prevent corrosion. A magnetic nail starter under the large striking face holds nails securely for quick and easy one-hand nail starting.

And whether you are driving nails or prying things loose, the hammer’s rubber grip provides comfort in hand while preventing slippage during heavy-duty use.

The new 18 oz. Flex Claw Hammer (item 50845) sells for $29.99, and it’s covered by Craftsman’s lifetime hand tool warranty. You can find it at,, Sears Hometown Stores and Sears stores nationwide.


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