Craftsman LaserTrac Drill Press: Another Laser for Woodworking’s Light Show

Craftsman LaserTrac Drill Press: Another Laser for Woodworking’s Light Show

Shopping for woodworking tools is starting to have a lot in common with rock concerts & they both feature laser light shows. This week, another high-energy beam cuts through the air as the first laser-equipped drill press hits the stores.

Craftsman’s 15″ drill press with LaserTrac features an “X-Y Axis Laser Attachment.” What this means is that the showy red lights form an “x-marks-the-spot” cross on your workpiece. The idea is that, after you’ve lined up the center of the x with a mark you’ve placed on the workpiece, you can be confident of bringing the drill bit down in exactly the right place.

(Once you’ve located the right place to drill, you can use the depth adjustment rod to set the depth of the bit penetration for complete accuracy.)

Besides featuring the latest laser technology, the drill press (Sears model number 22925) is also ambidextrous: the feed handle can be mounted for either left- or right-handed operation. Other adjustments come from a table that can bevel 45 degrees and swivel 360, as well as be raised and lowered, and from a telescoping table extension that provides support for larger workpieces. Bits up to 5/8″diameter (as well as sanding drums) fit the substantial keyed chuck. A generous 1 HP induction motor has 12 speed settings ranging from 250 to 3,100 rpm.

A couple more extras also come standard with this drill press: a fence and stop block, and a removable locking key for the on/off switch. (If you put the key in your pocket, you’ll be the only one able to turn on the drill press and admire the laser action).

You can check out the LaserTrac Drill Press at If you look at it in the store, though, make sure you’ve got the right aisle: the woodworking tools are the ones with the red lasers. Those creepy purple and green things? That’s the Halloween décor.

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