Craftsman Sanding Center: Breathe Easier with a New Twist on Sanding

Craftsman Sanding Center: Breathe Easier with a New Twist on Sanding

By adding an oscillating spindle sander, Craftsman’s new Professional 6″ x 12″ and 4″ x 8″ sanding centers put a new twist on the old belt-and-disk combination sander design. The third feature greatly expands sanding capabilities and should truly make these machines all-in-one workhorses.

Capacities vary, but both models operate the same way. A single induction motor drawing 15 or 6.2 amps drives the three sanders. A 12″- or 8″-diameter disk is mounted on the opposite end of the machine from the 6″ x 48″ or 4″ x 36″ belt, and these spin continuously. The center spindle sander, which has a 5/8″ oscillation stroke, can be switched between oscillation, rotation without oscillation or stopped modes. Motor speeds dial up or down, thanks to mechanical variable-speed control. Tool speeds adjust by twisting a dial, and a sliding speed indicator registers the setting.

Each sanding function has its own cast-iron worktable. The outboard tables tip for sanding bevels, and they’re outfitted with miter slots. A miter gauge is included. The belt sander swivels from vertical to horizontal for even more versatility or to make way for large spindle sanding tasks.

You’ll breathe easier using these machines. Both models have impeller-driven dust collection that draws sanding dust into a fabric collection bag behind the tool.

A starter set of abrasives is included. The spindle sander accepts 1/2″ and 1″ sanding sleeves and has a metal insert ring for each sleeve size.

The 6″ x 12″ sander sells for $470, and its smaller brother retails for $390.

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