Rockler Cribbage Board Templates

Rockler Cribbage Board Templates

Six new cribbage board templates from Rockler include two- and three-player versions in two sizes: standard, for smaller boards with 1/8-in.-dia. pins, and XL, for larger boards with 1/4-in. pins. A continuous curved-track pattern is available in both versions in standard and XL sizes. Straight-track pattern templates are available in both two-and three-player configurations in the standard size.

The templates are made of durable transparent acrylic for easy visual alignment during the drilling process. Once a first set of holes have been drilled, the template can be repositioned to continue the pattern using a pair of included indexing pins. Complete instructions overview the drilling process.

Each template set also includes a spring-loaded self-centering drill bit to make it easier to drill straight, accurate holes. Curved-track templates incorporate a rounded end that can serve as a pattern for routing a matching curved edge on the cribbage board. To accompany the new templates, Rockler also has added three-player sets of solid steel cribbage pegs in both 1/8-in. (item 59924; $24.99) and 1/4-in. (item 58662; $29.99) sizes.

Prices for Rockler’s new cribbage board templates range from $19.99 (item 59160; two-player standard straight track) to $44.99 (item 52403; three-player XL curved track) and are available now.

Plans for making a Reversible Gameboard using these templates can be found in the December 2018 issue of Woodworker’s Journal.

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