Crown Guards

Crown Guards

We ran a segment that mentioned home made crown guards, and it generated quite a bit of interest, including the following eerily similar questions. – Editor

“Writers Barb and Carol mentioned crown guards and that they made them. What are crown guards and how are they made?” – Jim Tanner

“What is a crown guard” as recommended by Tage Frid? And, is that something I can make?” – Andy Cotterman

“I would like to know how Barb built her shop-built crown guard. How can I get in touch with her?” Mildred Chandler

“Barb mentioned building a shop-built crown guard. I Googled it and couldn’t find anything about it. What is it, what does it look like, and can a regular guy make one?” – Mike Lawyer

“Where do I get some guidance for making a shop-built crown guard?” – Roland Weisser

“I hope you will publish a picture of the shop-made crown guard mentioned by two of the writers. I’ve never seen or heard of one.” – Art Daniel

“How does one make a shop-built crown guard?” – Owen Mellow

“How do you make the Tage Frid shop-built crown guard suggested in the comments? Perhaps this could be included in your Free Plans or some other part of the eZine.” – Len Boudreau

OK, we hear you. We’ll cover shop made crown guards in some future issue, we promise. But if you can’t wait, simply click on the thread in Women in Woodworking, and you will see all the entries, including photos of at least two shop-made crown guards. – Editor

Preppin’ Weapon

It seems that our coverage of the Preppin’ Weapon sanding block piqued some folks’ interest. – Editor

“Thanks for the tip on the ‘preppin weapon’. I’ve been looking for a well-designed sanding block tool for quite a while. It’s not cheap, but if it does what it says, it’s worth its weight in gold.” – Jon Rhynard

“My compliments to you. Your 16 May ‘issue’ is especially interesting and pertinent to my interests. I especially liked the ‘biscuits’ comments….I agree. I am also planning to buy several of the ‘Preppin Weapons’. I work part time at Frank Paxton Woodcrafter store (hardwoods) and will see if they want to sell the ‘Preppin Weapon’. Keep up the great effort.” – Dave Barnes

On Cherry

Our experts answered a reader’s question about how solid and cherry plywood might age differently, and got kudos for it. – Editor

“Good feedback on cherry ply vs. solid wood.” – Howard Cohen

Ask and ye shall find

In the last issue, a reader named Ray asked: “Do any of your readers know why I have never seen the ubiquitous American pipe clamp on sale either in my native Great Britain or my adopted home in Northern Spain?” Sure enough, a helpful reader responded. – Editor

“Ray, have a look at the Axminster Power Tools website:” – Simon Tutty

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