I. D. Wood iPhone App: Pocket-Sized Wood Info

I. D. Wood iPhone App: Pocket-Sized Wood Info

The Information Age has definitely arrived in the woodshop: you can now get an iPhone application to identify your wood samples.


The I.D. Wood app works on either an iPhone or an iPod Touch to allow you to search through over 50 wood species, matching them up with what you’re looking for based on an image, a species or botanical name, durability, sustainability and common uses. Within each listing, you’ll also find info including a detailed description, “also known as” terms, origin and woodworking properties.

Remember the classic wood info and identification books on your shelf? This is the electronic version of those resources – somewhat easier to carry around in your pocket. The application does not require a user to be connected to the Internet, so the information is available anywhere you are, regardless of your phone reception or proximity to a WiFi connection.


A Reference Pages section of the application has pictures explaining plainsawn, quartersawn and riftsawn lumber; calculating board feet, nail sizes, pilot hole guides and more. The developer plans to add more species to the application in future updates.

You can find out more info about the I. D. Wood iPhone App from the publisher’s website at wordtwiddle.com/apps/idwood/index.html, or from the iTunes Store, where it sells for $4.99.

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