Dado Blade Sizes; Yay for WJ

Dado Blade Sizes; Yay for WJ

Sizing Up Dado Blades

A question on dado blade sizing from the Q&A section of our last issue, eZine 277, prompted some more discussion for our Feedback section. – Editor

“I really don’t think a 10 or 12 in dado set is very feasible. How deep of a dado are you really going to cut?” – Steve Fosticz

He might be interested in this explanation. – Editor

“My explanation for undersized dado blades is leverage. A larger diameter blade is capable of putting more torque against the arbor than a small diameter blade. Think of the huge steering wheels found on old pickup trucks that didn’t have power steering. You had to have a large diameter steering wheel to overcome the torque required to turn the wheels.

“When you go from a 10″ blade to an 8″ blade, you lose rim speed, and you also diminish the amount of torque the blade can exert on the arbor. This is a big deal when a full build-up dado blade is being used. Removing a 3/4″ wide kerf, a dado, takes more oomph than cutting a 1/4″ (or less) kerf. If the dado set were full-size, the lever arm would be longer and more likely to dog the saw down. I wouldn’t know how to calculate this, but my feeling is that a 3/4″ dado being cut on the shorter lever arm 6″ or 8″ blade is applying the same torque against the arbor as a 1/4″ cut being made with a 10″ blade.” – George Vondriska, Wild Earth Woodworking School, Director

Aw, Shucks….

And, after Rob wrote in his editorial last time out about all of the content in our Woodworker’s Journal print magazine’s July-August issue (complete with a link to a video preview), we heard some nice comments from readers who also appreciate our print magazine – and our eZine. To you we say: thanks muchly. – Editor

“Rob, don’t break your arm over your magazine. I’ll pat your back for you. I go through several magazines a month, and yours is by far the best. You have articles for everyone. Congrats on a fantastic magazine.” – Roy Leggett

“A GREAT eZine this month. I enjoyed every category. Maybe even learned a thing or two. Keep up the good work.” -Ken Harris

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