Damstom 38-in. Panel Clamp

Damstom 38-in. Panel Clamp

One of the challenges to edge-gluing wide panels is keeping the faces of the boards flush when the glue is still slippery. Damstom’s new Panel Clamp should take the hassle out of surface alignment: it uses two bars of blue powder coated steel to sandwich the panel above and below, holding the boards evenly. Then, an Acme-threaded screw-type clamp presses them together laterally to close the glue joints. Tool-free knobs allow you to adjust the parallel bars vertically. The steel bars are held in place on two posts that allow for a wide range of material thicknesses — from ¾- up to 4-1/2-in. thick. This clamping system will fit around panels up to 38-in. wide.

You’ll need two Panel Clamps to secure a panel on each end (see photo, below); only one clamp is included in the purchase.

See the Damstom 38-in. Panel Clamp (item 51792) at your nearest Rockler store or online. You can add one to your clamp collection for $59.99.



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