DAP® RapidFuse Wood Adhesive

DAP® RapidFuse™ Wood Adhesive

If you’re looking for an adhesive with fast cure time, no risk of water-swelling during curing and suitable for a variety of materials, DAP has a new solution that fills the bill: RapidFuse™ Wood Adhesive. When a thin bead is applied in a zigzag pattern to just one half of a joint, the parts can be brought together and repositioned for up to three minutes. After clamping, RapidFuse will fully cure in just 30 minutes so the wood joint is ready for use. The bonded surfaces also can be planed, sanded or stained with confidence. RapidFuse’s formula is not water-based, like typical PVA “yellow” wood glue, so it will not cause wood joints to swell as the adhesive penetrates wood fibers.

DAP says this adhesive’s advanced chemistry, containing some cyanoacrylate monomer and other components, gives it unrivaled strength, fast cure time and the ability to be repositioned — qualities that no other instant-bond adhesive can match. Further, RapidFuse does not require the use of accelerator and cures primarily through surface contact instead of exposure to air and humidity. It does not foam and works on all types of wood, including oily exotics. But what really sets it apart, DAP says, is that it maintains its bond strength over time, unlike other conventional CA glues that become brittle with age. Only a small amount is needed to achieve maximum bonding strength. RapidFuse is water-resistant and suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It dries clear.

Aside from wood, RapidFuse will also bond metal, ABS, melamine, particleboard, PVC, glass and stone.

You can buy RapidFuse in two sizes: .85 oz. ($5.97) and 4 oz. ($9.97) at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and True Value stores, as well as through Amazon.

Learn more about DAP RapidFuse Wood Adhesive, and see it in action, by clicking here.


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