Days are Getting Longer

Here on the tundra, we keep a close eye on the hours of sunlight per day. It is a great hope for the coming of spring as each day we get a couple minutes more of sunshine. Now, the positive side to the endless hours of darkness that come upon us here in the arctic is that there is nowhere you want to go to more than your workshop. Additionally, once you are there, there are no indicators that you should head back into the house.

Sundown occurred before you got home from work. Sunrise will not happen until many hours have passed. It is just you, your project, a few cups of coffee, and the pleasure of the craft.

So, while I have to say that I do look forward to longer hours of daylight and the coming of spring, I am fine with it taking a few months to make the shift.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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