Delta: A Contract for Some New Saws

Delta: A Contract for Some New Saws

Delta has been making Contractor’s Saws as long as anybody in the market. So it stands to reason that they must have a pretty good reason for introducing a new line of these home shop favorites. They do — Delta’s new line of Contractor’s Saws is aimed at giving you choices. Four different models are available, with a variety of wing (or extension table) and fence configurations.

All of these choices start out with some basics: a two capacitor, 1-1/2 HP, 120/240 volt motor; mobile, super-stiff stands; a clear blade guard with splitter and anti-kickback fingers; and a 4″ dust collection port in the bottom of the cabinet.

Then, things get interesting as you choose what’s best for you from among the fence options. All three of the choices have front locking mechanisms.


Choice number one in this list is the Delta Unifence® (WJ editor Rob Johnstone’s favorite), its aluminum face is adjustable. You can use it high or low, forward or backward of the blade. Choice two, the Biesemeyer®, is a T-square design of welded steel, with laminated plywood fence faces sanded to within .006″. It’s accurate to within 1/64″, using the scale system. The final choice in fences is the Delta T2, another T-square fence design with a one-piece solid front rail. Made out of steel, it’s lighter than the Biesemeyer, and its aluminum fence faces are removable.

With any of these fences, the Delta Contractor’s Saw has up to 30″of ripping capacity. You can also choose, in its various configurations, between steel and cast-iron extension wings.

Check out the models of 36-678, 36-680, 36-681 and 36-682 Delta Contractor’s Saws, with prices ranging from around $579 to about $849, at

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