DeWALT’s New 20 Volt MAX Lithium-ion Impact Drivers

DeWALT’s New 20 Volt MAX Lithium-ion Impact Drivers

About two weeks ago, DeWALT released information about two new Lithium-ion impact drivers that will be available this September: the DCF885C2 and DCF885L2. These drivers are part of a new, expansive line of DeWALT industry-tested 20 Volt MAX tools that will become available this year.

The new impact drivers have identical features, with the exception of the amp-hour (AH) ratings of the slide-on battery packs. Both have 2,800 rpm variable-speed motors, which DeWALT reports is 43 percent faster than current impact drivers on the market. Their top housings measure just over 5.5 inches from front to back, and slimmer handle designs improve comfort and add control during use. A unique 1/4-in. hex chuck can be loaded with one hand, and it accepts 1-in. and longer bit tips.

For added convenience, three bright LED lights illuminate the work area; they are powered internally by the tool battery. Once the trigger is released, the lights stay on for another 20 seconds. The “C2” model comes with a 1.5AH battery, while the “L2” driver has a 3.0AH pack that offers longer run time. The former battery is about half the thickness of the latter for a more compact stature. Tool weights are 2.8 and 3.4 pounds, respectively.

The DCF885C2 is expected to sell for around $219, while the DCF885L2 will have a street price of $269.

(Editor’sNote: DeWALT specifies that the 20-volt rating refers to the maximum initial battery voltage without workload applied; nominal working voltage is 18.)

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