Diablo® 5-in. SandNet Advanced Sanding Discs

Diablo® 5-in. SandNet™ Advanced Sanding Discs

New from Freud, its Diablo 5-in. SandNet Advanced Sanding Discs feature a clog-reducing net design coated in premium aluminum oxide grit for fast material removal and more effective dust collection. This improvement in sanding technology enables SandNet discs to last as much as 10 times longer than standard paper- or fabric-backed abrasives. They also can be easily cleaned and reused multiple times by shaking, vacuuming or rinsing the net to remove any built-up debris.

Each 10-pack of SandNet discs includes an application pad to make them easy to attach to a sander, and the design fits both 5- and 8-hole sander patterns. Ideal for sanding wood, metal, plastics and solid-surface material, SandNet discs come in 80-, 120-, 180-, 220-, 320- and 400-grit options. Diablo SandNet 10-packs are available now and sell for $14.97.

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