Diablo: Freud’s Newest Saw Blades

Diablo: Freud’s Newest Saw Blades

Freud has introduced a new line of saw blades that I’m sure will be moving into woodshops soon. The star of the new Diablo line is the 7 1/4″ 24-tooth framing blade, created with an ultra thin aspect (1.5mm). This thin design makes use of the available power delivered by handheld circular saws and reduces the amount of pressure required to push the saw forward. That reduces operator fatigue, which is always a benefit. The thin kerf saw carries a special advantage to the growing bunch of battery powered circular saws in the 7 1/4″ category. Reduced power demand per cut makes for extended saw use in each charging cycle.

During manufacturing, these new saw blades are laser cut – unlike other 7 1/4″ offerings – but very much like more expensive and woodworking dedicated saws. The Diablo line is not limited to the 7 1/4″ size; in fact there is a full offering ranging from 4 3/8″ to 14″ (the 7 1/4″ , however, is the only diameter engineered with the thin kerf feature).

The entire Diablo line features carbide cutting tips, a material Freud has a lot of experience with. Carbide (titanium carbide, in this case) provides sharper cutting edges that stay sharp longer, particularly when used in composite materials. I’d never recommend using non-carbide blades in particleboard or MDF. Another feature included on the whole line is Perma-Shield coating, a smooth finish that resists corrosion and reduces gum buildup when the saws are used in resin or sap-rich woods.

If you’re like me, a new saw blade is always a welcome addition to my shop supplies?you can’t start woodworking until you fire up a saw. And Freud’s new Diablo line offers a new reasonably priced option in saw blades. The new saw blades are available now in local hardware stores, woodworking catalogs and retail stores and at The Home Depot.

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