DMT® DiaSpray Honing Liquid

DMT® DiaSpray™ Honing Liquid

Woodcarvers and hand plane or chisel users interested in bringing their tools to a honed edge will appreciate DiaSpray™, one of DMT’s latest innovations in sharpening products. It’s a liquid containing a suspension of .5 micron monocrystalline diamond and packaged in a spray bottle. The grit can be applied to any stropping material you choose, be it leather, scrap wood, cardboard or otherwise. A couple of spritzes are all that’s required to prepare the stropping surface, as outlined in DMT’s new introductory video about DiaSpray.

“Serious sharpening enthusiasts are used to sharpening in stages, working blades from coarser to finer grit diamond stones, and polishing with diamond compound or paste. Our DiaSpray represents the next step in the continuum of sharpening to achieve utmost sharpness and appearance,” says Mark Brandon, president of DMT.

The pump spray bottle contains .85 ounces (25 mL) of DiaSpray and sells for $19.99. It is available from DMT retailers or through the company’s online store.


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