Dowel Wizard Doweling Jig

Dowel Wizard Doweling Jig

Dowel joints are an effective means of attaching two pieces of wood together in a variety of configurations, but drilling accurate holes to align these dowels across the joint can be difficult. That’s when a drilling jig becomes almost essential to building dowel joints successfully — and it’s where the new Dowel Wizard™ Doweling Jig can help.

Made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, it scissors open and closed to suit a range of workpiece thicknesses and folds up easily for storage or to fit in an apron pocket. When the side members of the jig are closed against the faces of a workpiece, the middle member automatically centers itself between them. Then, pairs of interchangeable drill guide bushings space two dowel holes exactly 1 inch apart and ensure that the holes you drill will be parallel to one another and straight into the joint parts.

To use the jig, draw a line across the thickness of both joint workpieces, then align Dowel Wizard’s centering line over your layout line. Clamp the jig in place and drill the holes. Repeat on the mating workpiece.

Dowel Wizard comes with three pairs of guide bushings for drilling 3/16-, 1/4- and 3/8-in.-diameter holes. Other sizes also are available separately. It sells for $59.95.

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