Dremel VRT1 Vacuum Powered Rotary Tool

Dremel VRT1 Vacuum Powered Rotary Tool

Dust produced while working with materials like wood, drywall, glass or ceramic is both irritating to breathe and potentially health-damaging over time. In an effort to maximize dust containment from these and other materials, Dremel now offers a new rotary tool that not only connects to a shop vacuum but is actually powered by it.

The Dremel VRT1, which the company is calling the first “dustless” rotary tool, connects directly to a 1-1/4-in. shop vacuum hose nozzle with an included adapter on the tool’s pen-style grip. Once the vacuum is turned on, airflow is drawn through the VRT1’s front dust intake ports. That spins two internal turbine fans, creating the power and rotation to drive the chuck. The effect, Dremel assesses, produces power similar to a 4.8-volt cordless rotary tool.

In order to reach maximum power, the VRT1 should be connected to a shop vacuum that develops 110 cubic feet per minute of suction or greater.

Even though the rotary tool doesn’t contain an electric motor, Dremel has still outfitted it with an On/Off control that allows you to stop the tool but keep the vacuum running to further enhance dust collection during use. A speed control feature also enables you to adjust the speed of the accessory you are using.

As with other Dremel tools, the VRT1 will sand, polish, carve, drill and engrave. It is compatible with many of Dremel’s extensive accessory options. The tool comes with a cutting guide, engraving bit, drywall-cutting bit, a mandrel and ½-in. sanding band, a 60-grit sanding band, chuck wrench and manual. It is not suitable for use with cutoff wheels, grinding stones, bristle brushes or router accessories.

The Dremel VRT1 Vacuum Powered Rotary Tool is available online now for $29.99, and it will be sold at Lowe’s stores beginning August 1.

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