Drill Doctor: Be Sharp (Even More) Easily

Drill Doctor: Be Sharp (Even More) Easily

Drill Doctor has been sharpening bits for years and now, with the “next generation” of sharpeners, say the folks at Professional Tool Manufacturing, it’s even easier — particularly with the 750, the “top-of-the-line” model among the XPs.

You can still sharpen your bits but now, instead of the previous three steps required to do so, Drill Doctor has made the sharpening dance into a two-step: alignment is in the clutch within the port, rather than a separate step in and of itself.

With the 750, you can also choose to sharpen your bit at any angle from 115° to 140°, a much larger range than in the previous versions of the tool. Also, the 750 comes with one chuck that accepts bits with diameters from 3/32″ to 3/4″ — down from two in the classic models of the Drill Doctor.

“The main difference,” in total, said marketing communications manager Gary Dunn, is that the new line “is easier to use, and we’ve added features.”

Find out more about the 750, which has a suggested price of $179.95, and the other models in the new XP line, at www.drilldr.com.

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