Easy Leaf Products Oil-free Steel Wool

Easy Leaf Products Oil-free Steel Wool

Steel wool is an asset to finishers and woodworkers alike, but some wool types include certain amounts of oil, which can contaminate new wood finishes.

For a “Virtually Oil Free” alternative, Easy Leaf Products offers steel wool in 11 different coarsenesses and several packaging alternatives. The company sells 1 lb. reels individually in #0000 Fine, #00 Medium and #2 Coarse varieties for $10 or $12 each. You can also order these options in 12-reel boxes.


Five-pound reels are available in eight different coarsenesses ranging from Super Fine to #4 Extra Coarse. These larger reels are sold in six-pack cases, with prices ranging from $62 to $116. To learn more about Easy Leaf Products Steel Wool, as well as the company’s full line of metal gilding and other wiping products, go to easyleafproducts.com or call (800) 569-5323.

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