Easy Wood Tools Mini Series Lathe Chisels

Easy Wood Tools Mini Series Lathe Chisels

Smaller turning projects don’t always lend themselves well to full-size lathe chisels. That’s why Easy Wood Tools is now offering its new Ci2m Mini Rougher and Ci3m Mini Finisher chisels.

Both tools feature replaceable carbide cutters, and the Mini Rougher uses the same square cutter as the original Ci2 Easy Rougher. Its four sharp edges extend the time before the insert needs to be replaced. The carbide insert on the Mini Finisher is 11mm round. A single Allen screw holds both styles of cutters in place on the tool bar.

The Mini Rougher and Mini Finisher feature 3/8” x 4” tool bars and hardwood handles. Their overall length is 16”. While their small stature should make them useful for pen turning and smaller bowls, the company suggests you could also use them for bigger projects, such as cutting coves on spindles or making finish cuts on larger bowls.

These new Mini Series tools are made in America, and each retails for $89. To learn more or to place an order, visit easywoodtools.com.

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