EasyCoper: Another Way to Cope with Crown Molding

EasyCoper: Another Way to Cope with Crown Molding

That’s what this time’s tool preview is about: yet another way to cut crown moldings, if you prefer the coping method, via the use of the EasyCoper.

The patented jig, designed by a professional carpenter, lets you use a thin-blade jigsaw to follow the EasyCoper’s profile of the cut.

Put your molding in the EasyCoper, shift to the side opposite the one you’re cutting from, and start cutting the molding following the profile in the jig. Continue the cut until it’s through the bottom side of the molding; then pull the molding to the opposite side of the EasyCoper and finish the cut.

No need to use a grinder, a rasp or a razor knife: the blade is aligned for an exact “back cut.” The jig also compensates for imperfections of corners, such as being out of square. It can handle molding up to 5 1/2″ and sells for about $35.

Find out more about the EasyCoper at www.easycoper.com.

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