Electronic Letdown?

Rob-Portrait351We did it, our first fully digital edition of the Woodworker’s Journal is online and doing well. We received a bunch of feedback about the issue, both positive and negative, that we are taking quite seriously. Many folks were thrilled with the concept of being able to access their favorite magazine on the web 24/7. They liked the live hot-links, the video, the ease of navigation and other features too numerous to mention. Others thought the digital version was “fuzzy.” (If that happened to you, your hook-up to the Internet is a bit too slow for our magazine right now.) Others did not like the idea of adding another piece of software to their computer (the Zinio reader), asking why we did not simply use the PDF format. The answer to that question is that the PDF software did not provide the depth of functionality of the Zinio format. Another common issue was that the scaling feature was funky … either 100% (too small), or 200% (too stinking big). The scaling problem can be solved by downloading the reader, which has four settings as compared to the web browser version that has only two. With that said, we are working on solutions to all these challenges.

The question that I really want to put to bed is: “Is this going to replace the print magazine? Will I not be able to get my paper issue some day?” No way. We will not be replacing the print version of the magazine. The digital issue is simply an alternative option (a super-cool one!). But here is the deal: the July/August issue will be the only free example of our digital issue; from now on it will be on a subscription basis only.

I hope this answers some of the questions surrounding our new digital issue. Many of you thought it was the bee’s knees, and I must confess to being in that crowd. But I may be just a bit prejudiced.

Rob Johnstone,
Woodworker’s Journal

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