Email Smack-Down

My! Haven’t you been busy!

When I asked you what your principal interests were outside of woodworking, curiosity was my prime motivator. Well, just as curiosity killed the cat, it can really put the smack-down on an unsuspecting editor. At last count, I had received over 500 e-mail responses to my query! And I must admit, I simply stopped counting. It has always been my policy to read every e-mail, even if I can’t respond to them all. This level of response has taxed my resolve. I’m still wading through them, but I can report back on what I’ve learned so far. You are creative and quite active. Music and cooking are very common pursuits, as are gardening and fishing. My next report will contain a more complete analysis, but I’m already impressed with the scope and diversity of your activities. And for once, my curiosity is sated. So thanks for all your letters (I think!)…and get back to woodworking!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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