Empire Hi-Vis Laser Etched Squares

Empire Hi-Vis Laser Etched™ Squares

Your fall framing and DIY projects could get a leg up in measuring and marking accuracy with three new squares from Empire Level. The company is “refreshing” its line of squares with 7- and 12-in. True Blue® Hi-Vis Laser Etched™ Rafter Squares (models e2994 and e3992) and a 16- x 24-in. Hi-Vis Laser Etched™ Framing Square (model e1190).

The new squares are made of 6063 matte aluminum for maximum durability so they won’t rust, corrode or crack. Permanent laser-etched markings can’t wear off these tools, and blue anodizing renders them in sharp relief for best visibility in bright or low light conditions. The Rafter Squares also benefit from a 40 percent wider heel, which improves stability on any work surface.

You’ll never have to remember where you put the manual for these Rafter Squares, either: a QR code is laser-etched on the tool that will connect your tablet or smart phone to an online rafter book for application instructions and conversion charts.

The company assures that the highly visible display on these new squares is twice as accurate as traditional squares. “We know that our users don’t have time to rework mistakes,” says Rick Gray Sr., vice president and general manager of Empire Level. “So we are committed to increasing their productivity by providing the most accurate and durable layout and measuring tools on the market.”

The 7-in. Hi-Vis Laser Etched Rafter Square ($10.49), 12-in. version ($21.99) and 16- x 24-in. Hi-Vis Framing Square ($13.99) are available now through Empire Level retailers.


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