Encourage the Beginners

In last issue’s eZine, Rob talked of spending some time at a county fair, and checking out the youth woodworking projects. This reader had a philosophical approach to projects by beginning woodworkers. – Editor

“I was pleased to read that the projects you saw at the Carver County Fair ‘ranged from raggedy to remarkable.’ Everyone starting out, young folks in
particular, needs encouragement, so it’s nice to know that everybody gets their time in the spotlight. My wife and I collect Native American art and pottery; much of it has become priced beyond our means, but when
we see a piece made by a child – ‘raggedy’ as it may be – we usually buy it. We have gotten to know several young artists and their families over the years, and several of those kids have blossomed. We usually don’t get to meet the kids (their work is usually offered at a show away from home by their parents), but we always tell the sellers why we are buying. So did the young artists progress because we thought their crude effigy of a fish was worth five bucks, or because they were told that someone thought they had talent? No matter, the result was the same. If you haven’t already, try to make sure that those young woodworkers get (at least) a big ‘Attaboy!’” – Brian


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