(En)lightened Woodworking

(En)lightened Woodworking

After Rob mentioned his LED light upgrade last week, several of you have shared thoughts on the subject. – Editor

“I built my 20′ x 30′ shop in 2003 and put the standard florescent fixtures of the time in it. I had the contractor install four rows of three fixtures for a total of 12 fixtures for the 600-square-foot building, and I thought that was adequate while the contractor thought it was overkill. When the tubes started needing replacing, I decided to upgrade to LED fixtures. Like Rob, I thought I needed to put on suntan lotion to go into my shop. I highly recommend to anyone in the planning stages of a new shop or for those getting to the point of needing to replace a number of tubes or ballasts, to replace all your (fluorescent) fixtures with the LED fixtures. They are much more economical to operate and provide much more of those lumens that Rob was talking about.” – Charles Buster

“More information on the light and where purchased would be nice.” – Bill Elliott

“One lumen can be thought of as the metric equivalent of one candlepower. I replaced the old one-tube fixtures in my work area with four about the size of yours, and it makes a huge difference. I prefer the bluer ‘daylight’ color temperature, so that’s a win too.” – keshlam

“Like you, my eyes have gotten weaker with the years (I’m 79), and I found myself squinting a lot. When I added new LED lights, they lit up the shop significantly. That was money very well spent.” – Jerry Price

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