An Error, an Approval, a Gray Screen and a Dustup

An Error, an Approval, a Gray Screen and a Dustup

Great Story, But…

Jeff Lohr was pleased with the story we wrote about him, but it seems we managed to garble a key fact in a most embarrassing way. – Editor

“Thanks for a story that was very well crafted with a title that expressed the exact scenario. I have only one correction. Ralph Kovel is not one of two brothers. Ralph is one of a husband and wife team of Ralph and Terry Kovel. They are very well-known in the collector world, do appraisals for Sotheby’s, have their own Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles newsletter, and most antique dealers and collectors use their annual hardback publications as their bible for pricing and research. Anyway, save for the error about the Kovels, your article is just wonderful exactly as written. You did me proud.” – Jeff Lohr

Oops! Our deepest apologies to both you and the Kovels, Jeff, and our thanks for calling our attention to it in such a kind and gentle manner. It was an honor being invited to share the story of your life and craft. Thank you. – Editor

“Thanks for the story about Jeffrey Lohr. A friend of mine has a gorgeous table that also is made out of a ‘300-year-old oak burl from the estate of some duke.’ Pretty cool to see how folks have used unique pieces of wood.” – Randy Hermann

“I just read the article on Jeff Lohr and wanted to share my experience. I took his Practical Woodworking class in the summer of 2006. It is a great course, and he and his apprentices are great people. The course is intense and fun at the same time. I learned more in that week than I had expected and also became aware of how little I really know about woodworking. His house is filled with his work. It is like visiting a museum, only it is lived in.” – A. J. Johnson

Fireplace Finish

Our experts suggested an oil-based polyurethane finish for a fireplace mantel in our QandA section. One reader gave his nod of approval, but it was not just any reader. – Editor

“Great comment for the fireplace finish in the Woodworker’s Journal.” – Peter Beck

Peter Beck knows a whole lot more about finishes than we mere mortal woodworkers. He is a fourth generation owner and CEO of Lawrence MacFadden, one of the most venerable and respected finish manufacturers in the country. If anyone can validate a finishing answer, it is him. Thanks for the nod, Peter. – Editor

Gray Background

In our last issue, we printed a letter from a reader who complained that the new eZine format was hard to read because of the gray background. We were confused, as it is not sent out that way. The mystery is now happily solved by the reader in question, whose sense of humor is obviously more finely tuned than his computer monitor. – Editor

“Yup, I have sawdust on my face. I read my letter in the feedback section about the new magazine format having a gray background. Shortly after I sent the original letter, you sent me a new link with the same gray background results. That got me to thinking, and that can be quite dangerous. I finally figured out that somebody had messed with my computer, and it took me an hour to reset everything back to normal. It’s a good thing that I know more about woodworking than I do about computers. Incidentally, you asked your readership to share their biggest woodworking goof-ups. Sorry, I don’t have one. All of my projects have turned out perfectly.” – Bob Korpi

Steel City Dust Collector

In the last issue, we highlighted the Steel City Mini Dust collector, which inspired one reader to insist that it looks like a colostomy bag. Another had a somewhat more specific complaint about the bag itself. – Editor

“That 30-micron bag is a little scary. It’s the fine particles that stay around longest and do the most damage, so 0.5 micron and below is what is now becoming the standard for dust collectors. The Steel City version will send particles all over the shop.” – Steve Forcucci

Perhaps, but as this reader pointed out, there is another option. – Editor

“Since they have a 1-micron bag as an accessory, it would have been nice to have included the price of that as well.” – Chuck Molnar

You’re right. Sorry about that. The one micron bag is available for a list price of $27. – Editor

Typo Corner

It’s curious how just one missing letter can change an image. – Editor 

“Is there any way of removing it without refinishing the hole room.”

We assume “the hole room” is the place where bakers make those tasty donut holes. – Editor

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