VIDEO: Essential Starters, Ep1 – Introduction

VIDEO: Essential Starters, Ep1 – Introduction

Master woodworker, Ian Kirby, and Lily Jackson, introduce you to the “Critical Path” of woodworking – the ten essential steps necessary to build a woodworking project.¬†Whether you’re an accomplished woodworker or an eager beginner, you’ll find a wealth of information in this series.

Watch – The Way to Woodwork – Essential Starters – Vol.1, Ep1 – Introduction

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1. Introduction [4:32] – FREE

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2. Design to Cutting List [2:38]

3. Harvesting Parts [4:05]

4. Preparing the Stock [2:26]

5. Introduction to Butt Joints [3:32]

6. Introduction to Mortise and Tenon Joints [1:34]

7. Marking Mortise and Tenon Joints [5:20]

8. Cutting and Fitting Mortise and Tenon Joints [10:54]

9. Making Mortise and Tenons with Machines [5:17]

10. Mahogany Stool Project [2:23]

11. Using a Hand Plane [6:06]

12. Cutting a Rabbet Edge [:57]

13. Clean Up and Finishing Inside Faces [1:06]

14. Gluing the Sub-Assemblies [3:12]

15. Final Assembly [1:58]


There’s more to learn! Don’t miss Vol.2, Building on Basics and Vol.3 Advancing Your Skills.

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