Video: Advancing Your Skills, Ep1 – Introduction

Video: Advancing Your Skills, Ep1 – Introduction

Advancing Your Skills is the third volume in The Way to Woodwork series. The episodes in Advancing Your Skills build on the concepts taught in Essential Starters and Building on Basics. Woodworkers of all skill levels will find this volume educational and entertaining. You’ll learn more advanced woodworking skills and joinery, including detailed instruction on how to hand-cut dovetail joints and an introduction to machine cut dovetail joints. Designing projects with mock-ups and project design (proportions, form, and space) are also covered using a project as an example.

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Advancing Your Skills – Ep. 1 – Introduction

Watch more episodes from The Way to Woodwork – Building on Basics:

1. Introduction [2:24] – FREE

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2. Using Mock Ups to Design Projects [1:56]

3. Bedside Cabinet – Introduction [2:46]

4. Fitting a Door and Choosing Hardware [11:36]

5. Standing Desk – Introduction [2:21]

6. Handmade Drawer – Overview [2:37]

7. Fitting Drawer Parts [8:13]

8. Marking Single Lap Dovetails [4:28]

9. Cutting Single Lap Dovetails [13:54]

10. Marking and Cutting Through Dovetails [7:14]

11. Introduction to Machine Cut Dovetails [1:53]

12. Assembling Handmade Drawers [3:37]

13. Fitting the Drawer Bottom [5:43]

14. Fitting the Drawer in the Cabinet [3:26]


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