Even More Favorite Projects!

Even More Favorite Projects!

Last week in Feedback, we published your picks for favorite projects you’ve made. Since then, more folks have shared theirs, so here they are! – Editor

“I’ve many things over the years, but this is still one of my favorites: a rocking horse for the grandkids.” – Bob Grinstead

“I made this 16-3/4″ X 24″ X 29-1/2″ end table from wood harvested from various jobsites over several years. The top is wavy grain red oak. The drawer face and side panels are black locust. The side trim and drawer sides are black walnut. The legs and rails are quartersawn white and red oak. The brass drawer pull is from my grandfather’s Victorian chest.” – Eric C. Leissa

“Here’s a zebra rocker I made for the Arizona Humane Society to auction at one of their fundraising events. I used wood from some furniture I took apart that had belonged to my mother. I saved it for years to make something real special. She always loved animals, so I knew it would have made her happy. I have no idea who got it, but I’m sure my mother was smiling down from heaven, and hopefully it gave the child who received it a lot of happiness!” – Lori Scott

“I have made many things from wood over the years, and I keep a photo log of them. Well, most of them anyway. But I have a couple favorites. I made a demi-lune table some years ago and I have it in my home. My daughter liked it so much, I made a second one. It was from a plan. The other is a tambour door cabinet for a bathroom. My house was built in the late 1950’s, so I think it fits right in.” – Steve Kendall

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