Everyone Has One

Rob-Portrait351As a result of our last eZine, opinions were offered and heard through the medium of our survey. And I was surprised more than once. First off, you don’t really like the calendar (which is weird to me, because it is so timely on the web). Next, you really like: Free Plans, Q&A, Today’s Woodworker, Web Surfer’s Review and Tool Preview. Modesty (and its low popularity rating), keep me from speaking about how much you like this little editorial. Another point was also made … several times … you didn’t think much of how I phrased the survey questions. Several of you took the time to email and mention it (even though it was not one of the survey questions!)

All in all, your responses were very useful to me and I hope entertaining for you. We’ll have another survey soon, so keep your eyes pealed. Maybe next time I’ll have you write the questions!


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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