Excalibur 50-SLT60P Sliding Table: Updates with the End User in Mind

Excalibur 50-SLT60P Sliding Table: Updates with the End User in Mind

General International has had a sliding table out there for almost two decades, so the designers of the new model 50-SLT60P had a lot of feedback to work with. Stability, repeatable accuracy, adjustability and ease of use were what everyone wanted – and what the new features are meant to address.

The 50-SLT60P will fit on most right- and left-tilt table saws, including those in shops with limited space: the main mounting bracket now mounts (and dismounts) quickly with four easily accessible cap screws, so the sliding table system can be stored more easily when it’s not in use.

The 50-SLT60P also has six more guide bearings on the inboard strip than previous models do, for a total of 14. They replace a plastic runner strip to allow for smoother travel. More positive stops have also been added to the adjustment rail – in addition to 90 degrees, there are now stops at 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees, too.


The cutting capacity using a 27-inch two-part mounting system with a repositionable mounting plate goes up to 72 inches. And the 50-SLT60P has also become a quadruped, rather than a tripod: four legs, instead of three, in reinforced sockets support the guide rails and carriage. All four have positive height adjustment in multi-position mounting holes, plus adjustable leveling feet, for fine-tuning.

The Excalibur 50-SLT60P Sliding Table sells for $1,379.  For more information, visit the “Excalibur” section of General International’s website at www.general.ca.

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